FSSolutions provides resources for occupational health return-to-work assessments.

When an employee is out of work due to an illness or serious injury, FSSolutions occupational health coordinators offer the resources needed to assist in getting them to return to work safely.

An organization’s workforce is its most valuable asset. Injuries on the job are a tough hurdle to overcome; this is where we step in. We facilitate occupational health return-to work assessments and monitor and manage your employees’ recovery to make sure that they are able to safely re-enter your workforce. We work closely with your employees to create strategic health recovery plans, which allows you a greater understanding of how long they will be unable to work.

Our team of healthcare specialists are here to provide you peace of mind for your employees’ safe and healthy return to work. FSSolutions medical advisor and occupational health nurses have years of direct medical application and patient case management experience, as well as thorough knowledge of all federal guidelines.

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