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We make specialized background screening easy.

A Comprehensive Background Check, supported by outstanding customer service, is an essential element of an effective hiring process. Safety and Improving the Quality of hires Are the Top Reasons employers choose FSSolutions for their Background Checks

Screening and verifying potential and current employees is vital to protecting the safety and security of your workplace. These checks can be time-consuming and costly, and it is critical to perform them in a manner that respects the individual and follows all appropriate regulations and company policies. Regardless of the needs of your background-screening program, we can deliver a solution that meets all of your requirements. FSSolutions has the expertise and technology to deliver these services with the highest degree of accuracy and integrity of information, as well as to provide unparalleled turnaround time. We’ve expanded our platform and created integrations to allow for secure ordering and result retrieval through a single sign-on portal, streamlining the process of getting the right candidates in place. We specialize in helping you navigate the scope and complexity of your compliance screening options to fit your precise business needs.

FSSolutions screening solutions help employers reach informed staffing decisions and promote a safe workplace.



FSSolutions’ team of experts have backgrounds in areas of criminal justice, law enforcement reporting and knowledge of best-practices pertaining to industry and workforce compliance. All members of the background screening team are FCRA Certified through the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). In addition, our team undergoes significant data training and audits continuously to ensure the highest level of accurate reporting, allowing you to make staffing decisions with confidence.

Innovative, Secure Technology:

Intuitive web, mobile and API solutions automate workflows for increased efficiency and security.

Candidate Experience:

Engaging, easy-to-use interface – available via mobile & web apps.

Customer Service:

US-based customer support means your dedicated Account Representative Team is standing by to assist with every step of the onboarding process.

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