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At Vault Health Workforce Screening, we understand the importance of recruiting and retaining your workforce, particularly in highly regulated industries where maintaining compliance is vital such as trucking, mass transit, rail, and pipeline. Our various employment screening solutions meet the transportation industry’s unique needs to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory authorities, including the Department of Transportation (DOT), FMCSA, FTA, FRA, and PHMSA requirements. FSSolutions’ innovative single sign-on platform offers a secure client portal for scheduling tests, reviewing results, and accessing reports required to maintain workforce compliance.

Faster, Accurate Screening Results
Vault Health Workforce Screening’s innovative technology delivers industry-leading turnaround times, the fastest time to hire, and information you can trust.

Compliance Expertise
Vault Health Workforce Screening’s in-house transportation compliance experts ensure our clients are up to date with complex and ever-changing regulations and comply with federal, state, and local guidelines. Our Medical Review Officer (MRO) reviews all laboratory results to ensure testing is in accordance with HHS/DOT requirements.

Superior Candidate Experience
Our innovative, mobile platform ensures a convenient and efficient candidate experience, reduces drop-off rate, and accelerates the hiring cycle.

Excellent Client Service
Vault Health Workforce Screening’s US-based, award-winning Client Service and Onboarding teams bring in-depth, personalized attention to support your program’s success.

For the Transportation and Regulated Industries, we offer the following Testing Services:

Let Vault Health Workforce Screening assist you in achieving the image and reputation that your organization and employees strive for by enhancing the safety and compliance of your employees, and increasing overall productivity and quality of service to the public with a full-service workforce compliance testing program.

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