On Monday July 15, 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental HealthServices Administration (SAMHSA) announced in the Federal Registerthat they were seeking OMB approval for modifications to theFederal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (Federal CCF) forfederal agency and federally regulated drug-testing programs. Approval for the current form expires on August 31, 2013 but can beextended if SAMHSA provides an update on the adoption of anelectronic form.  The proposed form has no contentchanges.  The proposed changes would allow the form to be usedin either a paper or electronic format.

The changes proposed are;

  • The Public Burden Statement would be on a separate page of theelectronic Federal CCF.
  • The Federal CCF instructions and the Privacy Act Statementwould be on a separate page or pages of an electronic FederalCCF.
  • The bottle labels/seals could be printed separately, not as apart of Copy 1 of the Federal CCF.
  • The Federal CCF Instructions would be revised to allow the useof an electronic form.

    The full Federal Register announcement can be found at

    Comments should be sent by August 14, 2013 to the SAMHSA DeskOfficer at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Officeof Management and Budget. It is recommended that comments be sentvia email to [email protected]. They could also be faxed to 202-395-7285.

    This announcement is only a request for comments,not an announcement that approval of an electronic CCF isimminent.  FirstLab will keep our clients informed of anychanges in the Federal Workplace Drug TestingPrograms.

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