“Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

The drug and alcohol treatment industry has accepted high relapse rates as “part of the disease process”. There is substantial evidence that specific interventions outside the treatment walls can affect the outcomes and make symptom remission – recovery – the expectation rather than the exception. Vault Health Workforce Screening is uniquely positioned to provide the external support and engagement services that can dramatically increase recovery rates for individuals with Substance Use Disorders, saving lives, and significantly reducing costly insurance utilization.

Vault Health Workforce Screening helps design and implement case management services with accurate, random testing, and state of the art accountability and support tools. Our team of experts exemplifies Vault Health Workforce Screening’s mission to provide our clients with the best resources and services to support a successful recovery. Vault Health Workforce Screening is a single point of contact for a comprehensive clinical drug testing protocol. Drug and Alcohol treatment best practices establish a comprehensive testing protocol as a primary clinical tool. Only a third-party administrator (TPA) like Vault Health Workforce Screening can offer the essential components.

Vault Health Workforce Screening PRODUCTS & SERVICES:

  • Expert MRO and Addiction Specialist Services
  • Dedicated Account Coordinator
  • Data collection – Reporting and summaries
  • Full range of screening options – Oral Fluid, Urine, Hair, Nails, Blood
  • Reconfirmation
  • Case Notes – Case management and document management programs
  • User-friendly, advanced web and email-based result retrieval system
  • Mobile App – allows participants to check-in, view their check-in history, find and navigate to their closest approved collection site and setup daily reminders on their mobile device
  • Nationwide Collection Site Network
  • Secure Access to Results
  • Certified laboratories
  • Paperless participant documentation
  • Direct billing
  • Program support and consultation from the most experienced team of experts in the industry


A comprehensive drug testing program impacts all stages of treatment. By utilizing Vault Health Workforce Screening services your clinical staff has access to resources that allow more accurate diagnosis, treatment planning and progress evaluation

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