NHTSA Updates the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Testing Devices and Alcohol Screening Devices

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)published notices in the Federal Register that update twoConforming Products Lists (CPL) for alcohol testing devices. One notice is for the CPL of Screening Devices to Measure Alcohol in BodilyFluids. The other notice is for the CPL of Evidential Breath Alcohol Measurement Devices

The devices listed on these CPLs are the only devices allowedfor use in the DOT alcohol testing program [see 40.229 and 40.231].  An alcohol screening test can be done using ascreening device on the ASD CPL or using an EBT listed on the EBT CPL.  A confirmation alcohol must be done using an EBTon the EBT CPL. Only those EBTs listed without an asterisk(*) onthe EBT CPL are authorized for use in screening andconfirmation testing. Tests performed with devices not listed onthe CPLs are not valid tests.

The following nine (9) instruments were added to the CPLof SCREENING Devices:

  • AlcoMate SafeGuard (Model AL-2500, aka: AlcoScanAL-2500) [manufactured by AK Solutions, USA, LLC, Palisades Park,New Jersey]
  • DRIVESAFE  [manufactured by AlcoholCountermeasures Systems Corp, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
  • BACKTRACK Element, BACKTRACK S75 Pro[manufactured by KHN Solutions, LLC, San Francisco,California]
  • Alcovisor MARS [manufactured by PAS SystemsInternational, Inc. Fredericksburg, Virginia]
  • CA2010 [manufactured by Q3 Innovations, Inc.,Independence, Iowa]
  • AT577, AT578, AT579 [manufactured by Skyfine Inc.Ltd., Kwai Chung, NY, Hong Kong]  [the AT578 is alsodistributed by Express Diagnostics Int’l Inc. Blue Earth, Minnesotaunder the trade name of AlcoCheck FC90]

The following nine (9) instruments were added to the CPLof EVIDENTIAL BREATH ALCOHOL Measurement Devices:

  • SAF’IR Evolution  [manufactured by AlcoholCountermeasures Systems Corp, Toronto, Ontario, Canada] 
  • Intoxilyzer 600  [manufactured by CMI, Inc.Owensboro, Kentucky]  [also distributed by Lion Laboratories,Ltd., Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom as the Alcometer 600] 
  • Guth38 [manufactured by Guth Laboratories, Inc.,Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]
  • Alco-Sensor V XL [manufactured by Intoximeters, Inc.,St. Louis, Missouri]
  • LifeGuard PRO [manufactured by LifeLoc Technologies,Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colorado]
  • DataMaster DMT w/ Fuel Cell option SN: 555555, DataMasterDMT w/ Fuel Cell option SN: 100630 [manufactured by NationalPatent Analytical Systems, Inc., Mansfield, Ohio]
  • Alcovisor Jupiter, Alcovisor Mercury [manufactured byPAS Systems International, Inc. Fredericksburg,Virginia] 

The following four (4) instruments were removed from theCPL of EVIDENTIAL BREATH ALCOHOL Measurement Devices:

  • PBA 3000B, PBA 3000-P, PBA 3000 C, and Alcohol Data Sensor[manufacturer Lifeloc Technologies, Inc. Wheat Ridge,Colorado]

 A minor change to the CPL of EVIDENTIAL BREATHALCOHOL Measurement Devices:

  • A change of address for Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp., Mississauga,Ontario, Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

You can view the updated CPLs by downloading the attached PDFs,viewing them on-line ( Screening Devices) ( Evidential Devices), or visiting our home page http://www.dot.gov/odapc/.


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