COVID-19 Update from FSSolutions

Due to the recent COVID-19 surge, some clinics and collection sites in our network are experiencing capacity and staffing issues. FSSolutions’ is doing its best to mitigate these issues, which may impact documentation and turnaround time. Please have your donors/candidates call the site to confirm hours of operation and wait time.

NEW Online Scheduling & Result Reporting system for Medical Testing Services

FirstLab is pleased to announce our NEW Online Scheduling &Result Reporting system for Medical Testing Services.  Our newsystem has gone live this week and is available for demonstrationimmediately.  You can now schedule Titers, Vaccines, X-Rays,Physicals, along with a variety of medical tests nationwide, andreceive all your results online, only through FirstLab! 

FirstLab understands that monitoring medical testing for youremployees can be frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult tomanage.  We can Help .  FirstLab has created a single,comprehensive Medical Testing Service with fully online schedulingand result reporting.  Our system makes the entire processmore efficient and much easier to manage.  Once you completethe scheduling process, easily monitor results with a consolidateddigital record.

Please contact  us for a demonstration today.


Regional Sales Managers:

Kelly Osterlitz
1.800.732.3784 x 6113

Andrew Soha
1.800.732.3784 x 6110

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