FMCSA DRUG & ALCOHOL CLEARINGHOUSE NOTIFICATION: Customize How you Receive System Notifications from the Clearinghouse


Customize How You Receive System Notifications from the Clearinghouse

A new feature that makes it easier to see your latest account activity is now available. When you log in to the Clearinghouse, you will see a bell icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you have new notifications, a dark blue dot will appear next to this icon. Click on the bell icon to open your Notifications box and see your most recent notifications. (Note: The bell icon and Notifications list are not currently viewable on mobile devices.)

New items in your Notifications list are marked with a light blue dot. These dots will appear until a notification has been read. Click on a notification to mark it as read, or click Mark all read to remove all blue dots in your notification list.

Substance abuse professionals (SAPs), and their Clearinghouse Assistants, will see notifications when a driver has sent a designation request.

Customize Your Notifications
You can control how you receive your notifications. While logged in to the Clearinghouse, click on the bell icon to open your Notifications box and click on Settings. This will take you to your Notification Settings page where you will see a list of all your notifications, as well as the notification methods currently set for each. Click change setting to turn a notification method on or off. If you turn off all notifications, you will not receive that notification.

A Clearinghouse user can only customize their own account notification settings. If a SAP’s Clearinghouse Assistant turns off a notification, this will not affect the SAP’s settings, or those of other Clearinghouse Assistants.

Log in to the Clearinghouse to customize your notifications.

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