FirstLab is proud to reach the spectacular milestone of 25 years of excellence… and counting!

FirstLab celebrates its 25th Anniversary. 

Founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of FHC Health Systems tointernalize its hospital based clinical laboratory needs, FirstLabdeveloped into a Third Party Administrator (TPA) managingregulatory compliance programs, as FHC Health Systems moved intomanaging behavioral healthcare.   Today FirstLab is stilla privately held, physician owned company, whose core business isproviding TPA services for recovery monitoring and workplacedrug and alcohol testing programs.  Utilizing a wide range ofinnovative, high-quality, cost-effective products and services,FirstLab currently provides enterprise-wide program management toprofessional recovery programs, numerous Fortune 500 companies, lawenforcement agencies, state and municipal governments,airlines, hospital and outpatient facilities, energy companies andutilities and sports organizations.


FirstLab is tremendously proud of the remarkable teamand extensive list of services we’ve built over the years.  Onbehalf of the entire FirstLab team, we would like to thank ourclients for trusting in us to share our expertise and provide themwith quality service.  

Here’s to continuing to be “First in Quality, First inService” for the next 25 years!


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