FirstLab is proud to announce the strategic relationship and integration with FormFox™!

FirstLab, the recognized industry leader in compliance and safety management services, is pleased to announce the much-anticipated strategic integration of our FirstRequest™ online ordering system and FormFox™, CIS’s electronic CCF and DOT Physicals system!   

FirstLab is known as one of the leaders in compliance services due to its customer service and innovative software solutions. The integration between FirstLab’s FirstRequest™ system and FormFox™ allows users to pre-order drug tests and CDMEs to anyone of over 3200 occupational clinic or drug test collection organizations that are part of the FormFox™ network. Employers or organizations placing test orders can use the system to locate clinics and collection sites, submit an order for services, and generate patient/donor authorization forms. This capability simplifies the drug test collection and exam process by eliminating the need to utilize antiquated, paper based forms and ensuring a more accurate data transaction between the employer, collector and laboratory.

The integration also provides a fully paperless software platform guiding Medical Examiners and collectors who are conducting DOT Physicals and drug screen collections, which removes the risk of many of the errors that result from the paper based processes.

Currently the system manages non-regulated or “non-federal“ testing, however, in 2015, the Department of Transportation (DOT) approved the use of electronic chain-of-custody systems for use for federal testing. SAMSHA certified laboratories are currently in the final stages of a required NLCP audit before live electronic CCF transactions can occur. The drug and alcohol testing industry anticipates that federal DOT electronic CCF drug collections will begin transacting in early 2016 for many laboratories.

FirstRequest™ integrated with FormFox™, makes the entire scheduling, collection and physical exam process more efficient and much easier to manage with faster access, navigation that is more intuitive and simplified workflow solutions. Once you complete the scheduling process, easily monitor results with a consolidated digital record eliminating the need for time consuming phone calls or faxing between the clinic or FirstLab, and all in a paperless environment.

FirstLab looks forward to strategically supporting FormFox™ in introductions to the 13,000 providers and collection sites that make up the FirstLab FirstChoice Priority Provider Network. This effort will benefit FirstLab’s clients, its Providers and CIS FormFox™.

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