Firstlab Is Proud To Announce Exciting Changes Within Our PHM Department

Firstlab is proud to announce exciting changes within our PHMDepartment.  I’m happy to share a department name change, teamadditions and promotions, the opening of a new office, andtechnology innovations. It’s been an eventful few months and wecouldn’t be happier to share this with you, our valued partner inrecovery.

First and foremost, FirstLab’s focus is on the needs of ourclients. We continuously evaluate our operations in order to ensurewe are providing high quality, accountable services. We came to theconclusion that our Professional Health Monitoring (PHM)department’s name did not adequately reflect either the services weprovide or the functions our clients perform. FirstLab not onlyprovides monitoring for health professionals, we also provideservices to anyone who is committed to facilitating successfulrecovery and helping to protect the safety and wellbeing of thepublic. Therefore, we are renaming this department toRecovery Management Services (RMS). This namechange more appropriately defines our commitment to recoveryat large.

Next, we brought in talent from the world of recovery,introducing a General Manager position to FirstLab. We believe theaddition of Katie Stuart as General Manager of Recovery ManagementServices (RMS) to lead our team exemplifies FirstLab’s mission toprovide our clients the best monitoring program options. Ms. Stuartis a Certified Interventionist and brings her expertise inaddiction and recovery management to the RMS team. Katie hasreorganized our RMS Client Service and Account Management team andhas promoted two of its members to create additional TeamSupervisor positions. Some of you have the pleasure of working withJennifer Woodson and Janet Harmer, who join Tina Silveira as TeamSupervisors. Ms. Stuart will also spearhead the opening of our newRMS Division Headquarters in Boise, ID. Our new office will workclosely and cohesively with our current team in Chalfont, PA.

Lastly, and as a further demonstration of our commitment todriving the innovations needed to shape the future of recoverymonitoring,  “FirstLab Recovery Tracker” has beenreleased as a free downloadable Mobile App available for Apple(iOS) and Android devices. “FirstLab Recovery Tracker” will providemore convenient access to online services for your programparticipant’s by allowing them to check-in, view their history,find and navigate to their closest collection site and set dailyreminders from their mobile devices. Participants without mobiledevices may still use their phone and web based tools for programengagement.

I hope it is clear that FirstLab is dedicated to providing highquality services and tools to assist those in their battle againstaddictive disease. We appreciate your partnership in allowing us toassist you with the success of your client’s recovery programs.



Chris Roames

President & CEO


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