New Product First Request is Released Making the EntireScheduling Process More Efficient and Much Easier to Manage

Chalfont, PA (February 17, 2014) – FirstLab, the recognizedindustry leader in compliance and safety management services, ispleased to announce the release of their new Online Test OrderingSystem “FirstRequest”! FirstLab is known as the leader incompliance services due to its customer service and cutting edgesoftware solutions. FirstRequest makes the entire scheduling,collection and physical exam process more efficient and easier tomanage with faster access, more intuitive navigation and simplifiedworkflow solutions. The FirstRequest system now eliminates costlyerrors in the drug and alcohol testing and medical exam process,speeding up the turnaround time for our clients in a far moreefficient way.

As the leading International Third Party Administrator of drugand alcohol testing and employer service programs in the industry,FirstLab understands that credentialing employees can befrustrating, time-consuming, and difficult to manage. FirstLab nowoffers a comprehensive management program with online schedulingand result reporting. Our FirstRequest system makes the entireprocess more efficient and much easier to manage. Clients haveaccess to a vast network of clinics and can schedule Drug Tests,Titers, Vaccines, X-Rays, and Physicals, along with a variety ofother medical tests, electronically. FirstRequest’s revolutionarysystem simplifies the drug/alcohol collection and medical examprocess by incorporating an innovative new form with FirstLab’sonline application! This online process is fast, efficient andpaperless. This new functionality allows our clients to scheduleany test through our FirstRequest system at the over 5,000 Questand LabCorp Patient Service Centers nationwide without a doctor’sprescription. Significantly reducing costs of such tests by up to50% and offering thousands of locations to choose from. Once youcomplete the scheduling process, easily monitor results with aconsolidated digital record.

FirstRequest allows the employer to submit a specific testrequest and then track the completion of that service with statusupdates. By using FirstRequest the employer will eliminate the needfor time consuming phone calls or faxing between the clinic orFirstLab, and all in a paperless environment.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • FirstLab clients can now use our proprietary FirstRequestscheduling system to electronically
    schedule and track tests at all LabCorp & Quest PatientService Centers and select Quest Preferred Providersnationwide
  • Turnaround times for authorization codes on Drug Tests orderedat Quest and Quest Preferred Providers are instant
  • This is another major step for FirstLab in providing thefastest and most efficient Drug/Alcohol & Medical TestScheduling platform in the Industry
  • Every document is transmitted electronically back to FirstLab’sFirstRequest system, eliminating delays caused by illegible faxedor scanned copies

“With 25 years of experience in the industry, FirstLab has seenthe evolution of TPA services and has met each challengeproactively by implementing innovative solutions. I am confidentthat we can continue to meet those challenges successfully,” SaidChris Roames, FirstLab’s Sr. Vice President and Chief Sales &Marketing Officer. “We are focused on developing intelligent waysto make the credentialing and testing process more efficient anduser friendly for our clients. Our FirstRequest system willsignificantly streamline the scheduling process, which will allowour clients to focus on other priorities.”

FirstLab is proud to reach the spectacularmilestone of 25 years of excellence… and counting! Founded in1989, FirstLab is now the largest, private Third partyAdministrator of drug and alcohol testing programs in the country.We are known for our regulatory, legal and technical expertise insubstance abuse testing, policies and procedures. We believe oursuccess is a testament to our legacy of progressive results-driventhinking. Our executive team consists of leading experts inregulatory compliance and scientific innovation. They are alsochampions of customer service, ensuring that our clients haveexhaustive, up-to-the minute information on the latest changes topolicies, procedures and best practices. FirstLab’s distinguishedmedical team leads the healthcare industry with ongoing thoughtleadership and innovation. The depth and breadth of theircollective experience is unrivaled. They are keynote speakers andpresenters at industry conferences, and published authorities intheir field. We take our promise to be “First in Quality, First inService” very seriously. 


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