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Employee Screening For Finance & Business

Protect Your Business's Brand, Customers, and Team members by partnering with Vault Health Workforce Screening.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our comprehensive screening services with a single sign-on platform will streamline your hiring process and create a positive candidate experience:

  • Improving your candidate dropout rate
  • Our mobile-optimized platform allows candidates to quickly and easily submit their information.
  • Customized background screening packages to meet the needs of your business’s hiring population.
  • Text/email alerts keep you and your candidate moving through the process quickly.
  • Innovative technology delivers industry-leading turnaround times, the fastest time to hire, and information you can trust.
  • In-house compliance experts help reduce the risks associated with complex and ever-changing regulations and comply with federal, state, and local hiring guidelines.
  • US-based, award-winning Client Service and Onboarding team

Employment Screening for Finance & Business Includes:

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