About Vault Health Workforce Screening

About Vault Health Workforce Screening

First in quality. First in service.

Vault Health Workforce Screening was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of First Hospital Laboratories, Inc., and is currently a leading workforce and employment screening company in the United States.

Workforce Employment Screening Services

Since our founding, Vault Health Workforce Screening has provided workforce employment screening services, continuously evolving to meet the needs of our diverse client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement agencies, state and municipal governments, staffing companies, state licensing boards, and treatment facilities.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Third Party Administrators

Vault Health Workforce Screening is one of the largest privately held third-party administrators (TPA) of drug and alcohol testing programs in the country. We have more than 30 years of experience in helping clients design and manage their testing programs, monitor their professionals, make their employees more productive, and reduce operating expenses and risks. All of our programs are operated in accordance with the requirements of the governing body and/or with federal, state, and municipal regulations. Our mission is to be the foremost experts on compliance and monitoring issues, and we pass on our expertise by offering expert consultation and training.

Background Screening Services

Vault Health Workforce Screening is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, the preeminent authority on background screening services in the United States. This accreditation confirms that Vault Health Workforce Screening’s background screening services meet the rigorous compliance and protection requirements set forth by the BSAAP. All Background Checks provided by Vault Health Workforce Screening comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and applicable state and local regulations. Our US-based team of dedicated, knowledgeable Research Specialists are FCRA Certified through PBSA allowing you to streamline your screening process with quick, compliant, and accurate screening solutions that reduce your business risk.

Occupational Health and Clinical Screening Services

For over 30 years, the experts at Vault Health Workforce Screening have been providing Occupational Screening Services. We created a comprehensive solution for all your employment compliance needs, specially designed for Clinical and Healthcare employers and staffing agencies. Comprehensive Background Checks, Drug & Alcohol Tests, and Clinical screening programs to ensure candidates meet facility requirements. With unprecedented service, quick turnaround times, and data integrity, allowing you to make staffing decisions with confidence.

Recovery Monitoring Services for Licensed Professionals

In 1999, we created our recovery monitoring services (RMS) program for licensed professionals. We crafted it to offer a customized menu of services, test panels, and payment options that meet the unique needs of different industry and state monitoring programs. In 2008, Vault Health Workforce Screening acquired the National Confederation of Professional Services, Inc. (NCPS), of Newport News, Virginia. This acquisition made Vault Health Workforce Screening the largest administrator of professional health monitoring services in North America, with clients nationwide.

Nationally Certified Medical Review Officers

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) staff at Vault Health Workforce Screening consists of only nationally certified MROs who make all donor contact directly. Vault Health Workforce Screening’s Senior MRO, Dr. Suzanne Steele, is a highly respected expert on regulatory testing issues. Dr. Steele provides education and guidance to Vault Health Workforce Screening’s MROs and support staff members.

Innovative, User-Friendly Technology

Recognizing that the rapid delivery of information in a usable format is one of our clients’ most critical needs, Vault Health Workforce Screening has long considered advanced information technology to be a top priority. To that end, we have assembled an innovative group of programmers, developers, and business analysts that are dedicated to creating web-based tools that not only meet but exceed our clients’ needs.

Impeccable Customer Service

Vault Health Workforce Screening has distinguished itself from its competitors by its dedication to personalized service. Although we have made a significant investment in technology, we view technology as a support tool for our internal staff and our clients, not a substitute for personal assistance. Vault Health Workforce Screening clients are assigned a dedicated Account Representative team who closely monitors daily account activity. Additionally, all of our in-house experts are available for consultation at any time. We pride ourselves on industry-leading turnaround times and personal contact and customer service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.


To have the most satisfied customers in our industries.


Through teamwork, we provide an environment that encourages all individuals to achieve their full potential. To reach that goal, we will treat each other with mutual respect, support and assist one another and allow each person to express their individuality and talents.

As members of the Vault Health Workforce Screening, we will extend that same courtesy and respect we have for one another to all our clients and business contacts. We are committed to promoting a drug and alcohol free environment, in which we can safely live, work and play.