Portal Link or No Portal Link?

When registering for the Clearinghouse, employers have two paths to choose from: one for FMCSA Portal users and one for non-Portal users. The FMCSA Portal is a web system used by motor carriers (large truck and bus companies) to access FMCSA systems. Linking with a Portal account allows users to import personal and company data from their Portal account into the Clearinghouse system, and links Clearinghouse activity with a USDOT Number.

If you choose not to link with a Portal account follow these steps to register as a non-Portal user:

  1. Create your account (required to access the Clearinghouse), or log in using a current account.
  2. On the “Select Your Role” page select Employer.
  3. When asked “Do you have an FMCSA Portal Account?” select No, I do not have an FMCSA Portal account.
  4. Confirm that you are your employer’s Clearinghouse Administrator. (If you are not a Clearinghouse Administrator, do not complete this registration process. Ask your employer’s Clearinghouse Administrator to send you an invitation to be their Clearinghouse Assistant).
  5. When asked “Does your company have a USDOT Number?” select No, my company does not have a USDOT Number. (Note: If you do have a USDOT Number, but are choosing not link your Portal account, select this option.)
  6. Confirm that your employer does not need a USDOT Number and click Proceed with Registration.

Then follow the steps to enter your and your employer’s contact information, designate a consortium/third-party administrator (C/TPA) if needed, and accept the terms and conditions.

For complete instructions on how to register as an employer without linking your Portal account, download the instructional job aid.

Use the Interactive Guide .

FMCSA has created an interactive guide to walk you through the steps of registering as an employer in the Clearinghouse. Click the button below to get started using this guide.

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If you are ready to register for the Clearinghouse, you can begin your registration

Annual Queries

Have you met the requirement?

Per § 382.701, employers of CDL drivers must conduct a query of the Clearinghouse at least once per year for each CDL driver they employ.

What satisfies this annual requirement?
An employer has met this requirement if they have completed a query for each currently-employed driver by January 5, 2021.

Does an annual query have to be a limited query?
No. A limited query satisfies the annual query requirement, as does a pre-employment query or other full query.

How is the annual query deadline tracked?
On a rolling 12-month basis. If an employer conducted a query on a driver on June 1, 2020, the employer is not required to conduct another query on that driver until June 2, 2021.

Why is January 5, 2021 considered the deadline for meeting the annual query requirement?
On January 6, 2021, the Clearinghouse will have been operational for one year, therefore employers who have not conducted a query on a CDL driver or drivers employed prior to January 6, 2020 will not have met the annual requirement.

For drivers hired after January 6, 2020, the required pre-employment query satisfies the annual requirement, and the employer is not required to query that driver again until 12 months after that pre-employment query.

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